Mad World

Gary Jules — Donnie Darko the original soundtrack


Their tears are filling up their glasses
No expression, no expression
Hide my head I wanna drown my sorrow
No tomorrow, no tomorrow

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Note Atop a Barrow of Bottles

Note Atop a Barrow of Bottles

I left the noise, the shattering shallowness that I was now a part of and pushed myself outside. “What am I ” I said crisply to myself. My head feeling smashed and sick while naked slut men projected their nature on the opposite sex from afar. Oh I love this twisted little world, this horrific nightmare never to be understood. I love the hidden truth in a criminals eyes as he is locked in a cage by murderous figures perceived as heroes by the blind. We’re all blind. So blind I could smell the stench of my own eyes not working. But even that was a hallucination. ” I don’t hear my thoughts I feel my thoughts” I thought….oh how I only thought. So I continued my silent, booze driven demise as I built my own barrow of bottles wishing that I could die beneath them like the good little stupid boy I was born to be. ” an honorable death” i let slip with a smile. I suppose some things still made me happy, and till the big, deep slumber I would always be a loon for the moon. I knowingly believed in her and for all I cared that made her feel real. Yes, She felt so true. Not a lie glittered while she was in the sky. Not a lie…

What a fantastic hallucination this life has been so far, but I still worry the false senses will take a turn for the worst soon.

Clocks don’t tick!! They talk! And if you give them the time of day they’ll tell yea all about it



a snake wearing a top hat and mustache that is all

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Rene Magritte

Pablo Picasso - Bull (1945)